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Tax relief for being a club supporter

You want to help the local sports club that your kids are involved with. If your company provides sponsorship you’re aware that HMRC often challenges tax relief. Is there a more certain alternative? More...


How to ensure a tax deduction for sponsorship costs

HMRC is known to closely scrutinise tax deductions claimed by owner-managed businesses for sponsorship costs. What is it looking for and what steps can you take to ensure you don’t lose out on tax relief? More...


How to ensure tax relief for sponsorship

The Court of Appeal ruled that the sums paid by a company in sponsorship didn’t qualify for a corporation tax deduction. What was the problem and how can you avoid falling into the same trap? More...


Our tour sponsor this year is…

Your son’s mini-rugby team wants to tour at the end of the season. They’re looking for sponsors to help with the costs involved. How much can your company “help” and what will the Taxman allow you to get away with? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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