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Tax deductions for giving away goods

Your company is getting involved with a local charity. This will include donating the use or transfer of company equipment and employees’ time. As these resources will partly be used for non-business activity, will the related costs be tax deductible? More...


Is a personal gift to an employee a taxable perk?

One of your longest serving employees is getting married and you intend to buy a gift. You’re keeping it simple with a voucher they can spend online. Is it more tax efficient for you to buy it personally or for your business to pay? More...


Can making a gift to your company trigger a tax bill?

One of our subscribers gave his company £15,000 cash to help it buy new equipment. The local tax inspector argued that it should have been declared as a taxable transaction on the company’s corporation tax return. Is he correct? More...


Can you save tax by giving shares to your children?

While there are no rules to prevent you from shifting income to your children by giving them shares in your company, HMRC can block any resulting tax advantage. Despite this is it possible to work within the rules and save tax? More...


Tax-efficient charity donations for the company

The directors have heard that, if they get things right, the company can offset any financial support given to a charity against its corporation tax bill. What’s the most efficient way to do this? More...


Life assurance tax trap set to catch directors

Directors who have taken out life assurance to financially protect their fellow shareholders in the event of their early death might inadvertently have lumbered themselves with a tax bill. What steps can you take to avoid this trap? More...


Avoiding tax on goodwill pay

One of your company’s directors is moving on to pastures new. She’s been a valuable asset to the business and you want to say “thanks”. How can you make a goodwill payment to her in a way that won’t trouble the Taxman? More...


Tax efficient gifts to charity

Charities rely on donations for their survival. But before you hand over money to your favourite cause, it’s worth considering whether, for tax purposes, it would be better coming from you or your company? More...


iPod promotion

Your company wants to send some promotional gifts to potential customers. Trouble is, you’re not interested in the usual pens and calendars. You’d like to give iPods instead. Will the Taxman let you? More...


What did your employees get for Christmas?

Christmas is, of course, the season of giving. Not only did you give yourself and your staff some nice presents, but you received a whole stack from third parties too. Could this create a tax problem for you? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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