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Tax relief for being a club supporter

You want to help the local sports club that your kids are involved with. If your company provides sponsorship you’re aware that HMRC often challenges tax relief. Is there a more certain alternative? More...


Corporation tax refunds and directors’ loans

A director shareholder has run into financial trouble and can’t repay money he borrowed from the company. As a goodwill gesture the board has agreed to forgo repayment, but for tax reasons should it write off or waive the loan? More...


Budget - change ahead for businesses

Whilst there wasn’t much for businesses to shout about in the 2017 Autumn Budget, the small print points to bigger changes ahead. What’s the full story? More...


When are company loans to directors not taxable?

A year ago your company made a loan to a senior employee. They are about to be made a director. There can be stiff tax charges for directors’ loans, but as the employee wasn’t a director when the loan was made, will they apply? More...


Can you put losses to a new use?

If a business makes losses and there’s no prospect of future profits, the temptation is to shut it down and forget about it. But if the business idea still has legs can you turn losses into a financial gain? More...


The last ever Autumn Statement - what’s in it for you?

From a tax point of view the 2016 Autumn Statement wasn’t terribly exciting. However, the Chancellor announced a few changes which will have an impact on businesses. How might they affect you? More...


Can making a gift to your company trigger a tax bill?

One of our subscribers gave his company £15,000 cash to help it buy new equipment. The local tax inspector argued that it should have been declared as a taxable transaction on the company’s corporation tax return. Is he correct? More...


The latest on tax relief and goodwill

In 2015 the government changed the rules regarding the tax deductibility for the cost of buying or creating goodwill. You’re finalising the accounts for last year, which includes the purchase of goodwill, can you claim a deduction? More...


HMRC scraps IR35 guidance

HMRC has decided to ditch its business entity tests (BETs) for IR35, but not until April 2015. So how should you respond if HMRC asks a question of your company between now and then? More...


Sheltering an investment from higher rate tax

One of your customers wants to expand their business; to raise finance for this they’ve offered you and your fellow directors a stake in their company. Is it more tax efficient for you to invest personally or through your company? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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