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Staff tips and a VAT trap

Customer tips aren’t usually subject to VAT. However, it’s easy for employers to fall into a trap which can trigger VAT and cost you money. What is the trap and how can you avoid it? More...


Changes to EU VAT registration

Changes to the VAT place of supply rules in 2019 will make life easier for thousands of businesses, but increase complexity for others. What’s the full story? More...


Selling an unregistered business - is it VATable?

A couple of years ago you started a part-time business. It’s gone better than expected and you’ve received an offer for it. The amount you’ll be paid will push you over the registration threshold, so should you charge VAT? More...


Get a little extra VAT back on out-of-pocket expenses

Not every business expense comes with a VAT invoice or receipt. Without one you can’t be sure that VAT has been charged, which usually means there’s nothing you can reclaim. But there are exceptions. What are they? More...


New VAT limit for digital supplies


VAT - the hidden price of buying a commercial property

You’re relocating your business to a new premises. The purchase contract shows VAT added to the price which could land you with extra costs. Can you avoid paying this and what are the consequences if you can’t? More...


Can HMRC refuse a VAT claim for non-vital expenses?

Last year your company spent money on landscaping the space at the front of its premises. Now an HMRC inspector is asking you to repay the VAT you reclaimed. Why, and is he within his right to do so? More...


Practical tips for reclaiming VAT on your home bills

HMRC allows businesses to reclaim VAT on directors’ and employees’ homeworking costs. As an employer how can you take advantage of this without falling foul of the much tighter rules which apply to income tax? More...


VAT savings for company owned buy-to-lets

If you personally own and let residential accommodation, you can’t usually reclaim VAT paid on related expenses. Transferring it to your company could allow it to do so. What steps are required to make it happen? More...


Selling or buying a business - what’s the VAT position?

Usually when you buy or sell a business VAT doesn’t apply. However, this isn’t true for the costs you incur in the process, e.g. legal and accountancy fees. How can you maximise the amount of VAT you can reclaim? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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