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When is giving shares to your spouse tax efficient?

After a tricky start your company is doing well. A friend has told you that to save tax on its profits you should give some of your shares to your spouse. The trouble is someone else says that HMRC won’t allow it. Who’s right? More...


HMRC attacks new companies over tax avoidance

We’ve been getting reports that tax inspectors are using a new line attack on companies that have taken over a business previously run by individuals. What’s the full story? More...


What is “disguised remuneration”?

The Taxman has updated his guidance on the disguised remuneration rules. But there’s still doubt as to when they can apply. What are the key factors? More...


Attack on directors’ remuneration

The Taxman has published his guidelines on the new anti-avoidance tax rules, which target directors and their companies. Will these affect you? More...


How much dividend can you pay tax-free?

The 2011/12 tax year starts in two months. Tax-free allowances are going up, but the point at which you’ll start to pay higher rate tax will come down. How might these changes affect the tax you’ll pay on income from your company? More...


How to save with consultancy work

If, as a director, you provide unrelated “consultancy” services to your company it’s likely to result in sizeable NI savings - something the Taxman won’t like. How can you use one of his own tools to prove your case? More...


80% increase in Capital Gains Tax

In his first pre-budget report, Alistair Darling announced a major change to the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) system for individuals from April 6, 2008. How can you take advantage of this change? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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