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The tricky business of VAT and motor expenses

When you buy a car, unless you use it 100% for business, you can’t reclaim any of the VAT paid on the purchase. However, more generous rules apply to the cost of motoring expenses, e.g. accessories, repairs, etc. What are they? More...


A DIY scheme to save tax and NI on company cars

Whether a company car is essential for your job or simply a perk, stiff tax and NI charges can apply. The good news is that there’s a simple, legitimate but under-used scheme that can reduce the tax and NI payable. More...


Is it worth transferring ownership of a company car?

Your company owns a car that’s a little long in the tooth for business use, but it would make an ideal runaround for one of the younger members of your family. What’s the most tax-efficient way to get the car out of the company? More...


Q&A - VAT claim for a personally owned van


Time to get rid of the company car?

These days there’s a high tax and NI cost associated with a company car and it creeps up each year. If it’s more than a few years old it might be more tax efficient to transfer ownership to you. When is the right time to make the change? More...


The trouble with pool cars

HMRC is known for challenging businesses that provide pool cars for employees. If it succeeds it’s not just your employees that face extra tax, your business will have to pay NI contributions too. What can you do to protect against this? More...


What are the best company cars for tax deductions?

Usually, it takes decades for businesses to obtain tax relief for the full cost of a car. However, some automatically qualify for relief sooner, while for others you can take steps to legitimately speed it up. How’s it done? More...


Better driving data

Your accountant has suggested that your mileage records aren’t up to scratch. What are the most economical options for keeping these records and could it save you money? More...


New car and van fuel exemption - details revealed

A new tax break allows you to provide tax and NI-free charging for employees’ and directors’ hybrid or electric cars. HMRC has just published the terms and conditions of the exemption. What do you need to do to take advantage? More...


Budget - change ahead for businesses

Whilst there wasn’t much for businesses to shout about in the 2017 Autumn Budget, the small print points to bigger changes ahead. What’s the full story? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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