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A tax-free perk for being the boss

A friend has told you that he and his wife are taking a tax-free luxury weekend away on the company. Apparently, because the business has been running a long time HMRC allows this. Is this something you can take advantage of? More...


Post-Christmas party tax planning

Your firm’s Christmas bash is a few days away. It’s cost you £125 per head so far, but you expect this figure to rise. You’re worried the per-head cost will exceed £150 and so the tax and NI exemption for such events will be lost. How can you prevent this? More...


Benefits in kind - how to avoid losing the exemption

Directors and employees can receive low value perks tax and NI free. The trouble is if the cost of a benefit exceeds the exempt amount it’s fully taxable and liable to NI. How can you avoid this trap but maximise the exemption? More...


Is compensating an employee taxable?

A while ago one of your employees ripped her coat on a desk at work. You agreed to pay for a replacement. In a subsequent PAYE check an HMRC officer said the payment was taxable and you owe tax and NI. Can this be right? More...


Childcare - more good news

In March 2018 HMRC put back the deadline for employer childcare schemes. It’s now gone a step further by extending the exemption to certain payments outside the scheme. What’s the full story? More...


Bike at the Taxman’s expense

Summer’s here (apparently), and a couple of employees have asked about buying a bike through work. You’ve heard that HMRC supports ideas like this through tax breaks. What’s to know? More...


New car and van fuel exemption - details revealed

A new tax break allows you to provide tax and NI-free charging for employees’ and directors’ hybrid or electric cars. HMRC has just published the terms and conditions of the exemption. What do you need to do to take advantage? More...


A potentially healthy perk that’s also tax and NI free

You’re looking for ideas to encourage interaction between your staff so they work better as a team. One of your colleagues says that HMRC allows employers to provide recreational activities as a tax-free perk. How does it work? More...


Tax-free personal use of your company credit card

Changes proposed to the benefits in kind rules might mean you can make personal use of your company’s credit card, tax free, for up to 18 months. How can you take advantage of this? More...


New guidance on salary sacrifice

HMRC has clarified the transitional rules for salary sacrifice arrangements, which are less generous than they first seemed. What’s the full story? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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