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How to respond to an HMRC request for a visit

A letter from HMRC to say it will be looking into your affairs is never good news. How do you deal with the process without causing stress, so you can get back to running your business quickly with the minimum fuss? More...


HMRC’s deal with online trading sites

In a move aimed at creating more checks on businesses which trade online, HMRC is in the final stage of a deal with companies like Amazon and eBay. How might this affect your business? More...


Second Incomes Campaign

HMRC has been busy pushing its new Second Incomes Campaign. How might directors and other business owners be affected? More...


What can HMRC ask you about your workers?

Your business might have an unblemished tax record, but HMRC’s interest doesn’t necessarily end there. These days it’s just as likely to ask questions about your workers. How should you respond? More...


It’s official - record checks to restart

The Taxman has announced the relaunch of his business record checks (BRCs). He says they’ll be improved and more focused. What’s the full story? More...


More scrutiny of “affluent” directors


New tax investigations threat

The Taxman will be targeting up to 30 new industry sectors for investigation by its tax task forces. Might you and your company be at risk? More...


An authorised officer on your doorstep

With the government clamping down on benefit fraud, visits to employers from Jobcentre investigators are likely to be more common. What are your rights and obligations as a director when one comes calling? More...


HMRC reduces small business record checks


Taxman’s false start on investigations

The Taxman has started his new “business records checks” ahead of schedule. What steps, if any, should you take if your company is on his hit list? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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