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Reclaiming VAT on your home phone bill

Where you or an employee use your home for work it might result in extra costs. As these relate to the business can it reclaim any of the corresponding VAT on those additional costs? More...


HMRC’s VAT concessions for phones and computers

If employees or directors use equipment owned by your business for private purposes, you must account for VAT on this. However, for IT equipment HMRC takes a fairly generous approach. How can you make the most of it? More...


Can new business owners reclaim VAT?

You’re acquiring a small business to grow your company. It owns equipment which will be included in the transfer. No VAT has been reclaimed on it as the business was not registered. Can you reclaim the VAT following the transfer? More...


Can you reclaim VAT incurred by contractors?

You’ve employed a crew of self-employed tradesmen to carry out work for a customer. They’ll buy the tools and materials for the job and include the cost in their bills to you. Can you reclaim the VAT? More...


Customers, expenses and a tricky VAT trap

A customer disputes your bill because they think you’ve added VAT to something they consider to be a disbursement. What is or isn’t a disbursement is a notoriously tricky question. How can you ensure you get the VAT treatment right? More...


Business travel - how much VAT can you reclaim?

When you or your employees make a goodwill trip to see customers it will probably involve some wining and dining. The rules block you from reclaiming VAT on such costs but does this also apply to the whole cost of the trip? More...


Can you reclaim VAT on cars?

Generally, VAT paid on purchases for your business can be reclaimed. However, VAT on cars is an exception and even where they are used only for business it’s rarely possible to reclaim it. What steps can you take to improve your chances? More...


New VAT rules for some vouchers


Partial exemption - how to maximise VAT recovery

If your business sells goods or services some of which are VAT exempt and others not, the VAT it can reclaim on purchases is restricted. What steps should you take to maximise the VAT recovery? More...


Staff perks - are you missing out on VAT recovery?

Sometimes you provide perks to your employees as a reward. Your last bookkeeper didn’t reclaim the VAT on these as she said it wouldn’t save you money. But your new bookkeeper says you should reclaim the VAT. Who is right? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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