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Is this the end of tax relief for pensions?

There have been rumours that in order to fund the extra £20 billion promised for the NHS, the government will cut tax relief for pension contributions. How likely is this and how might it affect you? More...


Can your business pay for (tax-free) pensions advice?

Employers can now pay up to £500 per employee for advice regarding pension savings without it counting as a taxable perk. Strictly, to qualify for the exemption all employees must be offered advice, but is there a way around this? More...


New access to pensions advice


Less tax relief for company pension contributions

The Autumn Statement proposed changes that are a slap in the face for directors using the pension flexible access rules introduced only 18 months ago. What changes are being introduced and what steps should you take as a result? More...


Don’t miss the pension top-up deadline

April 2017 is the government’s deadline for those who need to top up their NI records to qualify for a full state pension. Is this something you should be considering? More...


Use your pension fund for a company loan

Your company needs cash to buy new equipment. The bank might lend it, but the interest rate is high and there are conditions. Your pension fund has money; can you use it to provide a more flexible loan? More...


Could you be liable for your employees’ pension charges?

Yet more responsibility for employees’ pensions is being heaped on employers as a result of a ruling by the Ombudsman. This time it’s about the level of information you must provide your workers. What’s the full story? More...


A tax break that lowers the cost of auto-enrolment

When auto-enrolment is in full swing it will add up to 3% to your staff wages bill in pension payments. The good news is that you can use a tried and tested tax break to reduce the cost. How does it work? More...


When does higher rate tax really apply?

The tax year ends in April, which means now is a good time to consider your remuneration planning. But what steps can you take to avoid paying tax at the higher rate? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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