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TAX - IR35

Off-payroll tax changes postponed

TAX - IR35

IR35 - what’s the latest news?

The new off-payroll (IR35) rules will take effect on 6 April 2020 as planned. However, the last minute review by the government offers some consolation for businesses affected. What’s the full story? More...

TAX - IR35

IR35 changes will be reviewed

In the run up to the general election the government hinted it would review the IR35 rules scheduled to take effect in April 2020. The scope of the review has now been announced. What’s the full story? More...

TAX - IR35

Improved status tool launched

With the new IR35 rules looming HMRC has released its updated check employment status for tax (CEST) tool. How and when should you be making use of it? More...


HMRC wins triple IR35 case

A battle over the IR35 status of three BBC workers ended in a win for HMRC. As a freelance worker what does this ruling mean for you now and after the introduction of the new IR35 rules? More...


HMRC says get ready for IR35 changes

HMRC has published guidance on what steps businesses affected by IR35 should take before the new rules take effect. What’s the full story? More...

TAX - IR35

IR35 consultation launched

HMRC has just published its final consultation about the new IR35 regime. What does it say about who the new rules will apply to and how it will work? More...


Responsibility for IR35 changes

TAX - IR35

IR35 contractor sues HMRC

A marketing consultant who worked for HMRC sued after she was forced onto the payroll because of IR35. HMRC conceded defeat. How might this outcome affect you? More...

TAX - IR35

IR35 defeat for HMRC

A tax tribunal recently ruled against HMRC in an IR35 dispute. The decision throws further doubt over the effectiveness of HMRC’s employment status tool. So, should you bother with it? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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