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Green light for Welsh tax

Starting in April 2019 the Welsh government will be allowed to set tax rates independent of the rest of the UK. How might this affect you if you or your business has a Welsh connection? More...


How will the lower dividend nil rate affect you?

The government has confirmed that its plan to cut the dividend nil rate band by more than 50% will go ahead and take effect from 6 April 2018. As a director shareholder what will the tax cost be for you? More...


When does higher rate tax really apply?

The tax year ends in April, which means now is a good time to consider your remuneration planning. But what steps can you take to avoid paying tax at the higher rate? More...


More tax by association - updated advice

HMRC has updated its advice to reflect changes in the rules on how the Corporation Tax small profits rate and marginal rate relief apply to associated companies. What’s the best way to check whether these changes affect your company? More...


NI threshold increases optimum salary


No longer associated?

The Taxman has at last seen sense and is proposing a shake-up of the rules for associated companies. Might this lead to lower taxes for your company? More...


Time for directors to cash in on bonds?

Your financial advisor recommended a bond as a tax-efficient investment for a rainy day. That was ten years ago and next April it will mature, just in time to get clobbered by Darling’s higher taxes. What are your options? More...


RIP higher rate tax relief on pension premiums?

Mr Darling is stamping out higher rate tax relief on pension premiums from April 2011. But there are anti-avoidance rules that could affect directors now. Will you be caught, or is there a way to avoid the trap? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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