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New employment allowance rules revealed


Q&A - payments to a former employee


Directors - does it always pay to take a salary?

You’ve read that for maximum tax efficiency director shareholders should take a salary of £8,424 for 2018/19. But you have more than one business, plus other income. Should you take a salary from each and if so how much? More...


Taxable perks and an NI loophole

Benefits in kind are usually more NI efficient than salary. However, the opposite can be true for director shareholders who receive a low salary, perhaps topped up with dividends. What savings are possible and how can you take advantage? More...


Don’t miss the pension top-up deadline

April 2017 is the government’s deadline for those who need to top up their NI records to qualify for a full state pension. Is this something you should be considering? More...


Employment allowance made clear


Apprentices go (NI) free


Set your salary to maximise your new state pension

To qualify for the full new state pension you’ll need 35 years of earnings on record. Even then by continuing to take a salary from your company you might increase the pension you’ll receive. What’s the full story? More...


The new employment allowance rules

From 6 April 2016 one-man companies will cease to qualify for the employment allowance (EA). Adding your spouse to the payroll has been suggested as a way around this. Is it that simple? More...


Employers’ NI allowance up by 50%

The Summer Budget included news for employers claiming the NI employment allowance (EA). Some will benefit from a 50% increase while others will lose the allowance entirely. Will your company be a winner or a loser? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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