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Maximising tax deductions for new equipment

You’re about to pay over £2,000 for a new PC plus some fancy software. You’ll use it mainly for work but also for private matters. Is it more tax efficient for you or your company to claim tax relief for it? More...


AIA gets a boost


Improving your premises - a hidden tax trap

Your business has spent thousands on improving its premises including new fixtures and fittings. Tricky tax rules mean that not all of these costs are tax deductible from your business profits. What can you do to maximise tax relief? More...


Can your company help with the cost of equipment?

You’re buying fancy IT equipment that you’ll use some of the time for work. Your fellow directors have agreed that the company can contribute to the cost. Can this payment be made tax free? More...


What are the best company cars for tax deductions?

Usually, it takes decades for businesses to obtain tax relief for the full cost of a car. However, some automatically qualify for relief sooner, while for others you can take steps to legitimately speed it up. How’s it done? More...


Repair costs - avoiding an HMRC trap

One of our subscribers bought machinery for use in their business which needed repair. HMRC refused to accept the cost as a tax-deductible expense. Why, and how should you respond to a similar challenge from the Taxman? More...


Equipment - get tax relief sooner rather than later

Usually, you can leave tax matters to your accountant, but when it comes to purchasing equipment there are some rules you need to be aware of or you could damage your company’s cash flow. What do you need to know? More...


Moving premises - how to maximise the tax allowances

You’re moving your business to a new location and are at the stage of fine tuning the contract. This should include identifying all the equipment that’s being sold with the building as it can save tax. How should you approach this? More...


Tax deductions - what’s the best company car?

Tax relief for the cost of company cars can be allowed all in one year or take over 20 years. This makes a big difference to your cash flow. What types of car should you choose for the best results? More...


Tax deductions for personally paid for equipment

Directors who incur job-related expenses can only claim a tax deduction where there’s absolutely no personal benefit for them. If they buy equipment the rules are less strict, but there are conditions. How can you ensure a tax deduction? More...
Last updated: 23.08.2019

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