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Thousands of firms illegally charging for card payments

According to new research, thousands of firms are subjecting retail customers who use credit and debit cards to surcharges. This practice has been illegal for some time. How do you stay on the right side of the law? More...


The ban on card surcharges

From 13 January 2018 businesses will be unable to charge consumers a debit or credit card surcharge in most instances. But what’s the position if a business debit or credit card is used? More...


RBS to compensate small businesses


Online and mobile payment options

It’s been suggested that you start accepting payments via PayPal’s traditional online service and/or its newer PayPal Here service. How much will these services cost you and what can its competition offer? More...


Cut the cost of foreign exchange

If your company does business abroad as a buyer or seller you’ll know that currency transactions through your bank attract stiff fees and charges. How can you reduce those costs? More...


Bank compensation deadline

Time is nearly up for businesses to claim compensation for mis-sold loan arrangements. Should you be taking action now? More...


Compensation for seven million cardholders


Banks to compensate companies over interest charges

The Financial Services Authority has confirmed that the high street banks are to compensate small and medium-sized companies for misselling interest swap products. Around 30,000 businesses are in for a payout. What’s the full story? More...


Bank charges - what are you paying for?

Newspaper headlines talk of bankers’ bonuses and tight purse strings when it comes to lending to companies. Meanwhile, banks have been quietly changing business account charges and services. What should you be looking out for? More...


Faster bank transfers

Regulations came into force this month which affect the time it takes to clear payments through the banking system. How will these affect you and your company? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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