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RBS to compensate small businesses


Funding for Lending scheme extended

The Bank of England has announced that the closure of its Funding for Lending scheme for SMEs has been deferred. How might this help your business obtain additional finance? More...


The new face of bank lending

EU recommendations threaten to strangle bank lending to small businesses. At the same time new UK regulation is opening the door to alternative funding possibilities. What’s the full story? More...


Bank compensation deadline

Time is nearly up for businesses to claim compensation for mis-sold loan arrangements. Should you be taking action now? More...


Banks forced to disclose details?

The government wants to pass a law that will require banks to give the details of the small companies they’ve rejected for loans to alternative finance providers. Sounds helpful, but what’s the problem here? More...


Personal guarantees and the family home

If you seek a loan on the company’s behalf, you’ll almost certainly be asked to provide a personal guarantee in the form of a charge against your home. But what if it’s owned jointly with your spouse? Will it apply equally to their share? More...


Banks to compensate companies over interest charges

The Financial Services Authority has confirmed that the high street banks are to compensate small and medium-sized companies for misselling interest swap products. Around 30,000 businesses are in for a payout. What’s the full story? More...


New rules on credit card surcharges

According to reports, the government is going to ban “excessive” surcharges on credit card payments. What might this mean for you and your company? More...


Loans with no strings attached

A recent report accused banks of coercing businesses into buying insurance products when they take out a loan or overdraft. If your bank suggests you should talk to their insurance broker, how should you respond? More...


Access to finance “roadshows”

Last updated: 09.12.2019

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