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The debt chase and collect conundrum

Prompt invoicing and chasing payments can keep your cash flow steady. But what should you do if debts are building up? Who do you chase and how do you go about it? More...


New steps needed before court action

If you want to sue a customer for unpaid bills you’ll have to follow new guidelines before going to court, but not in every case. In what situations do the new rules apply and what extra steps must you take? More...


Getting customers to pay sooner

While your business is successful, cash flow is still tight from time to time. It could be eased if only you could get your customers to pay more quickly. What practical measures can you take to achieve this? More...


How many letters to send?

You know that when an invoice is outstanding you have to chase it in writing. But how many times? What’s the best advice? More...
Last updated: 05.08.2020

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