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Does your business need cyber insurance?

In the last two years alone 66% of small businesses have fallen victim to cybercrime losing £3,000 on average. As this figure is only likely to increase, could cyber insurance be a worthwhile purchase? If so, what does it cover? More...


Fully prepared for winter disruption?

Some weather forecasters are predicting the harshest winter for decades but many small businesses will still be caught off guard if the worst does happen. What can you do now to prepare? More...


Calculating cover for business interruptions

We’ve previously advised you on why the directors should consider business interruption insurance. But how can you be certain that the company is adequately covered against any unforeseen events? More...


Business interruption: insuring against disaster

No matter how carefully the directors plan, a company can easily experience unforeseen business interruptions, which all too often could be disastrous. So why should you consider specialist insurance to cover these scenarios? More...


Keyman insurance

One of your fellow directors had a close call on the motorway during the icy weather. It left him shaken and you worried about the impact on your company had the worst happened. Is keyman insurance something you should consider? More...


Road closed ahead

A colleague’s just told you that essential roadworks will be carried out adjacent to your premises for six weeks. The effect on trade could be significant. What can you do about it? More...


Who pays for lost profit?


Keeping your company afloat

We’re now well into the bad weather season again and the Environment Agency is warning of further devastating flooding. With 185,000 businesses at risk this winter what steps can you take to ensure your company stays trading? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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