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An attractive rent or an insurance headache?

The directors have been offered some new commercial premises at a rock bottom rent. However, this low price reflects the fact that they’ve been standing empty for a while. What impact, if any, could this have on the insurance? More...


A cold and crispy morning, then disaster!

One winter’s morning, you turn up at your business premises only to discover a disaster - a pipe has burst and a large working area is flooded! There’s full insurance cover in place, but what should you do first? More...


Property insurance: “the rule of average”

To reduce costs, the directors are thinking about lowering the current “sum insured” under the company’s buildings insurance policy. But due to the “condition of average”, this could turn out to be a false economy. Why? More...


Chancel repair liability - what’s that?

Could an antiquated law land your company with a bill for tens of thousands of pounds? Until recently the odds of getting caught for “chancel repairs” were very low, but might a change in the law put your business at greater risk? More...


It’s snow trouble for insurers

You’ve heard that insurers may refuse to pay out where a claim relates to damage or injury caused by snow and ice. Your company has escaped incident-free this year, but what steps should you be taking to make sure you’re covered in future? More...


Property insurance fails

An insurance company recently refused to pay up after a serious house fire.They said the policy was invalid because one of the occupants hadn’t disclosed a criminal offence. Could this pose a problem for your commercial building policy? More...


Don’t blow your fire insurance cover

If you haven’t adequately implemented fire safety regulations and your property is damaged by fire, you might find it’s not only the fire service but also your insurance company that gets hot under the collar. What’s the problem? More...


Protection for the home

As a successful director, you naturally appreciate the value of insurance. You’re about to re-mortgage and are considering the payment protection options. But there’s a bewildering array to choose from. What should you look for? More...


Are you adequately insured?

A major insurance company has recently gone public saying that almost half of all property owners under-insure their buildings. Is this simply scare mongering to get you to pay more, or something to be worried about? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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