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Flexible insurance brings savings

The insurance market is notoriously slow to move with the times, but there have been developments in recent years that could save you money. What are these more flexible insurance options? More...


How to cut the cost of motor cover

Car insurance for your business is undoubtedly a major expense. But did you know that the way you describe what your staff do for a living can have an impact on the premium paid. What should you do? More...


Dashboard camera saves £60,000

Dashboard cameras have been around for some time but many businesses and individuals don’t have them fitted in their vehicles. However, one small company has saved £60,000 by doing this. What’s to know? More...


Commercial vehicle premiums fall by 10%


Insurance: are you properly protected?

Although directors are responsible for ensuring that their companies have adequate insurance cover, research suggests that many aren’t meeting the minimum legal requirements. What insurance must you have by law? More...


Fake motor policies on the rise


Motor insurance - ways to make your company pay

The competition for car insurance has kept premiums under control, at least for older drivers. But getting your youngster insured is a different matter as premiums can cost the earth. What are the pros and cons of your company helping out? More...


Motor insurance claims - don’t get short changed

The Competition Commission is to investigate motor insurers over the costs in connection with accident claims. But to keep your costs down what should you advise your employees to do if they’re in an accident in a company vehicle? More...


Business trips - are your employees covered?

Asking an employee to drop something off on their way home isn’t an uncommon request. However it cost one employer £1 million when the employee had a fatal accident. What steps can you take to avoid this potentially costly trap? More...


Insurance - does your company need cover?

As a director it’s your responsibilty to ensure that your company meets its legal obligations including having the right insurance cover. If you’re setting up a company from scratch, what policies must you have from the start? More...
Last updated: 05.08.2020

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