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It’s personal: when families in business fall out

Many small family-run companies tick along nicely on an informal basis, bringing more relatives on board over time. But what happens when the parties fall out or a key director shareholder dies? More...


Sole director shareholders at risk!

A 2017 ruling by the High Court has highlighted a potential risk for those who are sole director shareholders. As there are thousands of companies operated in this way, could you be affected? More...


What’s the right way to set the rules for a company?

You’re starting a company and want to avoid the director shareholder disputes you’ve experienced previously. A colleague suggests a shareholders’ agreement, but can it really take precedence over the articles of association? More...


Avoiding a conflict of interest with your company

Making your company successful is your main concern, but if you don’t look out for potential conflicts of interest you might be in trouble with your fellow directors or worse still, face costly penalties. What steps can you take to avoid both? More...


Discrimination removed from the Model Articles

From April 28 2013, any company that adopts the Model Articles won’t be able to automatically terminate a director’s appointment on mental health grounds. But what’s the position if you’re already using them? More...


Next steps for new directors

These days you can form a company with just a few clicks of the mouse and payment of £18 to Companies House. But what are the key steps directors should take next? More...


Do you need to change your company Articles?

Since October 1 2009 a new company will automatically have to use the standard constitution (Articles of Association) unless they produce their own version. Can and should older companies be doing the same? More...


Changing your articles

You’ve heard that under the new Companies Act you stand to benefit from a range of measures aimed at cutting red tape etc. If this is this correct, won’t you first have to amend your company’s articles of association? More...


Are your articles appropriate?

You and your fellow directors own all the shares in the company. But if one of you dies suddenly, what happens to the shares? The company’s articles may provide the answer - but is it the right one? More...
Last updated: 22.10.2019

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