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Is it too soon to pay a dividend?

Your company has been in business for several months and trade has been good. The directors want to pay a dividend, but your bookkeeper says company law won’t allow it until the annual accounts have been drawn up. Is he correct? More...


What’s the limit on dividends?

Dividends might be the most tax efficient form of income, but that’s not the only thing you need to consider when paying them. Company law dictates when and how much can be paid. Where do you stand if you don’t follow the rules? More...


Unclaimed dividends - what can you do with them?

Your company has been unable to pay dividends to a shareholder because their bank has returned the payment and you can’t contact them at the address you have. Can the company simply pay the money back into its bank? More...


Do you have enough profit to pay dividends?

Dividends are the most tax and NI-efficient way to take income from your company. The trouble is they can only be paid when your company has sufficient profits. But how do you work this out? More...


Overpaid dividends - what will the Taxman say?

You want to pay yourself in the most tax-efficient way and this usually involves taking dividends, but these can only be paid if your company makes a profit. So what’s the position if you get your sums wrong and you take too much? More...


Maintaining a good (dividend) record

You and your fellow directors want to build up cash in the company and propose not paying dividends for a year or two to achieve this. But some minority shareholders are insisting they are paid. How can you keep everyone happy? More...


Everybody else pays dividends

Like many directors, the company pays you a dividend from time to time, whenever the bank balance looks healthy. But in light of a recent case, is this enough? Is there anything you should be doing differently now? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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