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Director disqualification - how to avoid it

You take your responsibilities seriously, yet you’ve heard of directors being disqualified. But what exactly does this mean, how easy is it to get on the wrong side of the law and when might it happen? More...


Directors - take care to avoid “unfair prejudice”

A dispute in the board room has left one director (and minority shareholder), claiming their position is now untenable. He’s demanding the others buy his shares at an undiscounted price. Can you ignore this or does he have a case? More...


How the courts punished a breach of duty

Directors must not profit personally from their position at the company’s expense or conduct themselves in any way that creates a conflict with the company. If this happens, what can the courts do? More...


Are transactions with your company legal?

The High Court recently considered if, under company and insolvency law, a director was liable for losses resulting from transactions he made with his company. What was the outcome? More...


Is a youngster allowed to run a company?

Your son wants to set up a company to run an online business. A friend tells you that because he’s just 17 you’ll have to be the director until he’s 18. Is he correct and might you be liable for any debts if the business fails? More...


Do you have to hold board meetings?

From time to time you’re bound to discuss company business and administration with your fellow directors. But is a decision made with one other director, rather than a majority in a board meeting, valid or could it land you in trouble? More...


Shareholders and your duties

Every director owes a fiduciary duty to their company - this means acting in its best interests at all times. But is the same type of duty owed to the shareholders of a company too? More...


Directors disqualified for ten years. Why?

Two individuals have each been disqualified from acting as company directors for ten years. What did they do and how can you check whether someone has been disqualified from acting as a director? More...


Directors: a greater risk of disqualification?

It’s been suggested that due to provisions contained in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 far more directors could be disqualified in the future. Is this something you need to worry about? More...


What happens when a shareholder dies?

The company’s managing director and controlling shareholder is seriously ill and it doesn’t look good. What steps can or must the directors take to prepare for a possible change in leadership and share ownership? More...
Last updated: 19.04.2019

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