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Can you do away with your company register?

By law every company must maintain a physical register containing certain information about it and its directors and shareholders. However, a change in the rules means that soon this might not be necessary. What the full story? More...


Can you give your shares away?

Your accountant has suggested you transfer some of your shares to your partner for tax reasons. You mentioned it to your fellow directors but they aren’t keen on the idea. Does company law give them the power to block you? More...


Divorce: can the company’s assets be touched?

It’s estimated that one in every three marriages ends in divorce. When this happens, the couple’s assets must be divided up fairly. However, if one spouse is a director, do the company’s assets come into play? More...


Parent company liable for acts of subsidiary

Historically, the courts have treated every company as a separate legal entity. However, the Court of Appeal has just found a parent company liable for the acts of a subsidiary. So has that rule now been changed? More...


When can you dispose of company records?

One of the directors believes there’s a “general” rule which allows a company to dispose of any document or written record, regardless of what it relates to, after exactly three years. Is this correct and, if not, what’s the actual position? More...


Plans to harmonise all EU business registers


Directors’ pay to be scrutinised?

There’s nothing the government won’t consider in its quest for change. It now wants “greater transparency” in directors’ pay. So what does this mean for you? More...


HMRC and Companies House combine

In another step towards joined-up government, the Taxman has teamed up with Companies House to introduce joint filing procedures for company accounts. When and how will this affect you and your company? More...


Who’s in control?

Your company is successful. However, to be able to expand it further you need additional cash, which you intend to raise by selling some shares. So how can you retain control? More...


Q&A - multiple directorships

Last updated: 21.05.2019

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