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Director banned for taking a bonus

A former director has been banned from running a company for five years after awarding himself a bonus (even though it wasn’t paid to him) shortly before his company stopped trading. What’s the full story? More...


How much can you borrow from your company?

As directors, you and your colleagues hold the company’s purse strings. You can even borrow cash from it, but if you do company law imposes conditions. What are they and do you really have to bother with them? More...


Is it safe to borrow from your company?

You want to borrow some cash from your business for a while. Because it’s a private company with only a few director/shareholders no one is going to object, but you might still be putting yourself at risk. Why, and how can you avoid this? More...


Making a short-term loan to the company

Your company needs a short-term loan. Rather than waste time asking the bank, another director has suggested you lend it the money and charge interest. You’re happy to do this, but want some safeguards. So what can you put in place? More...


Can I borrow £20,000 please?

During a recent board meeting a director asked if it’s possible to borrow money from the company. You’re curious too. So what is the legal position when it comes to a loan from the company to a director? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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