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Do you have to hold board meetings?

From time to time you’re bound to discuss company business and administration with your fellow directors. But is a decision made with one other director, rather than a majority in a board meeting, valid or could it land you in trouble? More...


Employees on board by law?

The Prime Minister has confirmed that she wants to give employees seats on company boards. Is this really going to happen and, if so, will all companies be affected? More...


Do you need a chairperson on your board?

Making important decisions about your company can be tricky and certainly shouldn’t be left to one person. That’s the role of a board of directors, but is it necessary or worthwhile appointing a chairperson for this? More...


Are there any directors hiding in the shadows?

The Companies Act 2006 says an individual may be a “shadow director” if they regularly help out with the running of a company. This is potentially problematic for both parties, so what should they each do? More...


Are you acting in the twilight zone?

From time-to-time, companies can experience the odd cash flow problem and this is referred to as the “twilight zone”. It’s usually only a temporary issue, but why must directors act carefully when they enter it? More...


The perfect board meeting

Several directors have contacted us saying they really don’t know what should happen at board meetings. So, why is it important to get things right and what’s the secret of a good board meeting? More...


Flexible meetings?

It’s seldom that all your directors are together in the same office at the same time so board meetings can be a problem. Is it possible to hold a meeting over the phone? And what about by e-mail? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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