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Changing the company’s name

There’s a whole host of reasons why a company might want to change its registered name. How can this be done and is there an alternative option that would also satisfy Companies House (CH)? More...


Turn your Ltd company into a Plc

One of your fellow directors, who’s in charge of marketing, has suggested making your company a Plc to improve its image. Can you simply apply to Companies House for a name change or is there more involved? More...


Consultation on company names


Choosing the right company name

The directors recently purchased an off-the-shelf company; they’re now busy brainstorming for a suitable name. Are there any legal restrictions on what they can select? What are the rules on this subject? More...


You’re inc now

Your spouse/partner has run a successful business for some time. Now they’re about to incorporate it to form a limited company, with you as a director. Is it as simple as adding the word “Limited” to their letterhead? More...


Registering a name

You’ve noticed that a company near you is trading with exactly the same name. Your company’s name is registered with Companies House, so surely you have exclusive rights to use it? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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