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Closing a company and getting your money out

You and your fellow director shareholders want to shut down your company and go their separate ways. It’s all amicable, but naturally you each want to get your hands on your share of the company’s assets. What’s the quickest way to do this? More...


A simple way to close down a company

You’re a director shareholder of a company that stopped trading a couple of years ago and you now want it removed from the Companies House register. The trouble is it still has a few debts on its books. How can you get it struck off? More...


New guidance on dissolving a company


The right way to get struck off

If you’re a director of a company that no longer trades, you can keep it ticking over as a dormant company, but that involves paperwork and expense. So should you liquidate the company or just strike it off? More...


It could get personal with a phoenix

Starting a phoenix company isn’t plain sailing. As one director discovered, a simple mistake like using the wrong name could be disastrous. What’s the story? More...
Last updated: 16.08.2019

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