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Small companies at risk by not following procedure

As the sole owner and director, the decisions you make about your company only affect you. So do you really need to worry about nit-picking procedures? What are the consequences if you don’t? More...


Absent directors - can they send in a sub?

An important decision needs to be made, but at the last minute one of the key shareholders says they can’t make the meeting and so they’ve sent in a substitute to vote for them. Is this acceptable and will their vote count? More...


Share capital or a loan - which is more tax efficient?

If you’re starting a new company or putting more cash into an existing one, you have broadly two ways to invest - shares or a loan. There are tax pros and cons to each, but if you’re worried about losing your capital which should you go for? More...


Guidance on reusing a company name


Do you need to make a resolution?

It’s hard enough running a business without having to spend hours on administration and legal niceties. So if you and your fellow directors want to make a major decision affecting your company, must you also make a resolution? More...


Changing your articles

You’ve heard that under the new Companies Act you stand to benefit from a range of measures aimed at cutting red tape etc. If this is this correct, won’t you first have to amend your company’s articles of association? More...
Last updated: 19.04.2019

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