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Inspecting a company’s register of shareholders

By law, all companies must keep an up-to-date register of shareholders which includes the shareholders’ names, addresses and their shareholdings. Must this register be disclosed to anyone who asks to see it? More...


New PSC rules for Scottish businesses


A different type of share in your company

You need to raise money to expand your business, but the bank won’t lend sufficient funds and the shareholders don’t want to water down their stake by issuing ordinary shares to outside investors. Might preference shares be a viable alternative? More...


What’s the right way to set the rules for a company?

You’re starting a company and want to avoid the director shareholder disputes you’ve experienced previously. A colleague suggests a shareholders’ agreement, but can it really take precedence over the articles of association? More...


Shares - how to get your money back

You and your fellow directors started a business with an injection of cash in return for ordinary shares in the company. Now the company can support itself financially you’d like some of your original money back. Can it be done? More...


Paying off a departing director shareholder

One of your fellow director shareholders wants to leave the company and sell their shares. The trouble is that on their own neither the other shareholders nor the company has the cash to buy them out. What are your options? More...


What happens when a shareholder dies?

The company’s managing director and controlling shareholder is seriously ill and it doesn’t look good. What steps can or must the directors take to prepare for a possible change in leadership and share ownership? More...


Can a former spouse go after your money?

The Supreme Court has ruled that the former spouse of a director has the legal right to claim a slice of his money, even though they split up decades before he made his fortune. Has this opened the floodgates to similar claims? More...


Can your company buy back shares from employees?

To take advantage of tax incentives you gave some of your employees shares in your company. They now want out and have asked you to buy their shares. The trouble is you don’t have the cash. Can your company buy them back instead? More...


Share valuations and expert opinions

One director is going to buy another shareholding in the company. As they can’t agree on the fair market price, they’ve decided to appoint an independent expert to assess it. Will that expert’s valuation be binding? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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