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It’s personal: when families in business fall out

Many small family-run companies tick along nicely on an informal basis, bringing more relatives on board over time. But what happens when the parties fall out or a key director shareholder dies? More...


Directors - take care to avoid “unfair prejudice”

A dispute in the board room has left one director (and minority shareholder), claiming their position is now untenable. He’s demanding the others buy his shares at an undiscounted price. Can you ignore this or does he have a case? More...


Forcing a director out

Your company has been trading successfully for many years but the chairman and majority shareholder is past his prime and becoming a liability at board meetings. Can you and the other directors force him out? More...


Does your managing director have special powers?

In a recent case, a managing director (MD) claimed that he had extensive powers over and above other members of the board simply by virtue of his position. What did the Court of Appeal think about his claim? More...


Removing a (problem) director from office

For some time now, one of the directors hasn’t been pulling his weight. As a result, the other board members would like him “removed from office”. Can this be done and, if so, what are the potential risks? More...


The directors who failed to report for duties

Directors have a duty to act in the best interests of the company. But a recent Court of Appeal case shows just how beneficial a carefully drafted service agreement will be if things go wrong. What’s to know? More...


51% and you’re out!

You want to get rid of a director whom you suspect of taking back handers. Is it true that directors don’t acquire unfair dismissal protection and that showing him the door should be just a formality? More...


When it’s time to say good-bye

A fellow director just isn’t up to scratch - his work is poor and he doesn’t seem to be acting in the best interests of the company. It’s time for him to go. But is this easier said than done? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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