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Take care of teeth, improve staff attendance

Some 415,000 employees miss a minimum of one day’s work each year due to unexpected dental health problems. Is there anything you can do to help prevent this pain and what might be the business benefits? More...


Present but not always correct

The idea that staff are always ready for action should make all bosses happy. But so-called “presenteeism” is not always good news. What can you do about it and what are the benefits to the business? More...


Get them to work on time

You’ve noticed that a hard core of staff arrive at work up to 15 minutes late each morning. For them, this tardiness has become the norm. What’s the best way to approach this problem? More...


Football fever?

It’s World Cup year so that means you could be facing hungover employees and requests for time off to watch or even attend the footie. How do you manage this period and keep staff happy? More...


Can you force the postponement of jury service?

A key member of staff has been called up for jury service and the timing for the business is terrible. You want them to postpone it but they are refusing. Can you force them to apply for a deferral? More...


Keeping tabs on remote workers

If some or all of your workforce are site based or work at home, it’s easy for them to take liberties by, for example, clocking in late and finishing early. Is there a simple way to keep tabs on them? More...


Sickness absence - it’s all fun and games


Hard times lead to employee fraud

Last year, employees were convicted of frauds totalling £300 million. As a sensible director you will have procedures in place to avoid this but staff may still try their luck. What changes in their behaviour can give the game away? More...


40 years on…

This summer, the World Cup is sure to provide plenty of distractions for your staff. How can you avoid absenteeism problems at the Taxman’s expense? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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