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Business defends employee’s copyright claim

In a 2019 case the employee wouldn’t sign a copyright agreement as it conflicted with her philosophical beliefs and the parties ended up at the Court of Appeal. How could all this have been avoided? More...


Who owns your business logo?

An employee has offered to create a distinctive logo for your business which could be used on its website, letterhead and all marketing materials. You’re happy for them to proceed, but how can you be sure that you own the logo? More...


Who owns that great idea?

An employee has come up with an idea that has real commercial value. However, they’re now claiming to be the legal owner and refusing to let your business use it. Are they correct to say this? More...


The 21 photos that cost a business £6,300

A small business has been ordered to pay compensation totalling £6,300 after 21 images were placed on its website that had been taken by somebody outside of the company. Why did it have to pay out so much money? More...


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Last updated: 13.12.2019

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