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Employers - watch out for the extra payday


Have you overlooked student loan repayments?


Going paperless with payslips

Your supply of payslips is running out and your payroll manager has suggested going paperless. You’ve no objection, but are there any special steps you need to take to put it into practice? More...


Employing former students


HMRC’s mission to ensure correct P11Ds

The deadline for submitting P11Ds for 2014/15 is 6 July 2015. If your company’s forms don’t come up to par HMRC can reject them, which could lead to penalties. What can you do to ensure the forms are correctly filled in? More...


Where does your business stand with RTI penalties?

When RTI was introduced it included powers for HMRC to charge penalties if employers didn’t comply. These were deferred several times, but are now in force, subject to a few concessions. When exactly are penalties triggered? More...


Can you scrap your PAYE scheme?

HMRC usually registers new companies for PAYE automatically. This triggers extra admin and reporting procedures. But if your company isn’t active can you simply close the scheme, and if so how do you do it? More...
Last updated: 09.04.2020

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