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Invoice finance to be more accessible to SMEs

The government plans to outlaw the practice of large companies preventing their SME suppliers from accessing invoice finance. Why are these contractual restrictions unfair, and what will the new law mean for SMEs? More...


Beware HMRC’s double accounting

HMRC’s dynamic tax codes were supposed to improve the accuracy of PAYE. But they’ve been plagued by problems, the latest of which could see you paying the same tax twice. What’s the full story? More...


HMRC to charge fees for issuing penalties


Childcare - more good news

In March 2018 HMRC put back the deadline for employer childcare schemes. It’s now gone a step further by extending the exemption to certain payments outside the scheme. What’s the full story? More...


Justify your salary?

The government has announced that it will force companies to publish and justify the pay difference between their directors’ and employees’ salaries from 1 January 2019. Should you be worried by this? More...


ICO’s new GDPR lawful basis guidance tool


Green light for Welsh tax

Starting in April 2019 the Welsh government will be allowed to set tax rates independent of the rest of the UK. How might this affect you if you or your business has a Welsh connection? More...


The GDPR: ICO’s guidance on consent

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued new guidance on consent under the GDPR. Why should those who are responsible for data protection in your business read and follow it? More...


New tax on business waste disposal


HMRC’s deal with online trading sites

In a move aimed at creating more checks on businesses which trade online, HMRC is in the final stage of a deal with companies like Amazon and eBay. How might this affect your business? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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