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Trainline for business


Business travel: have your say on hotel deal sites

From time to time you may book hotels for business purposes via discount websites. However, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is concerned that these don’t always offer the best deal. How can you share your experiences? More...


The flight to nowhere

You booked a flight to Paris to attend a sales conference. Two days before you were due to travel the airline cancelled the flight. What are your rights ? More...


Letting the train take the strain

You’ve arranged an important business meeting and it’s some distance away. Rather than driving, you’ve decided to take the train. How can you secure the cheapest ticket available? More...


Train travel: delays and compensation rights

Train travel is the preferred option for many business owners, despite the fact there are often delays and cancellations. However, since October 2016 you have greater rights to compensation. What’s changed? More...


Travel and JustPark


European health warning!


Overnight business trips: (un)acceptable behaviour

Many employees go away on overnight business trips. Whilst some may choose to relax over a drink or two in the evening, what if this gets out of hand? Could the directors use an incident of drunken behaviour to justify dismissal? More...


Olympic road closures: be prepared


Any rights for a cancelled flight?

The way insurers refused to pay out following the volcanic ash problem has left you worried about your next business trips. So what are your rights? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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