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Fender fined for anti-competitive behaviour

Fender restricted the resale price of its guitars, so online prices for their products remained broadly homogeneous for several years. What exactly did the famous guitar maker do wrong, and what can you learn from this case? More...


How to pick a delivery firm

You’re thinking of expanding your online delivery offer and there are plenty of options in terms of providers. But what do you need to consider to find the right partner at the best possible cost? More...


Director disqualified for pricing agreement

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has secured the disqualification of a director who had a price-fixing agreement with another small company. It is the first time the CMA has exercised this power. What do you need to know? More...


Legal tender and cash payments

In June 2015 there were reports about a bus driver who refused to accept a 60p fare partly in pennies and tuppences. Some gave the impression he had done something wrong. When can a payment in cash be refused? More...


New small business online voucher scheme


Raising “forgotten” invoices

According to new research, many smaller companies have forgotten to submit an invoice on at least one occasion. If the directors discover this has happened, what’s the cut-off date for presenting bills? More...


Dormant companies can be valuable

A company that isn’t active is known as “dormant” and providing certain conditions are met it’s allowed to stay that way indefinitely. But how easy is it to keep the company “alive but sleeping” and why should you bother? More...


Can you really prove this (court) claim?

In most types of legal dispute, the key to success lies in the strength of your evidence. But what will the court always expect a company to produce, and can the directors ask it to take anything else into account? More...


Promoting your business - what you can’t say

You want to spruce-up your online advertising. One of your co-directors suggests adding a few testimonials to your website about how fantastic your company is. He’s even created a few examples for you to use. Is this legal? More...


Time to ditch the contract

Your company is fed up with the service (or lack of it) from one of its major suppliers. You’ve now lined up another supplier who seems to fit the bill. Can you simply walk away from the existing contract? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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