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No right to a refund?

You placed an order for some new goods. On delivery, they weren’t up to scratch so you complained to the seller. It says that it only has to offer replacement items, but no refund. Is this correct? More...


£2.7 million fine over pricing

A company has been fined £2.7 million by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for breaching anti-competition laws. Could this affect a small business like yours? More...


Train travel: delays and compensation rights

Train travel is the preferred option for many business owners, despite the fact there are often delays and cancellations. However, since October 2016 you have greater rights to compensation. What’s changed? More...


New guidance on retail pricing


Are your online T&Cs legally compliant?

In March 2016, 17 companies were publicly named and shamed because their online terms and conditions failed to comply with the relevant legislation. How can you be sure that your own are correct? More...


Professional duty or just helping a mate out?

A friend needs a little job done and you have the skills and expertise. Purely because you’re mates you don’t intend to charge them for the work. That’s most honourable but could you be liable if something goes wrong? More...


Parking penalties are enforceable

When a business owner received an £85 parking charge he took his case to the Supreme Court. Its ruling has now rewritten the law in this area. What do you need to know? More...


Refunds on new and used goods


How powerful is the new Consumer Ombudsman?

A new Consumer Ombudsman (CO) scheme has been introduced which handles complaints about goods or services in any sector not already covered by an ombudsman. What action can it take against your business? More...


Legal tender and cash payments

In June 2015 there were reports about a bus driver who refused to accept a 60p fare partly in pennies and tuppences. Some gave the impression he had done something wrong. When can a payment in cash be refused? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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