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Living together: who gets the (whole) house?

It’s a fact of life that personal relationships break down. If you’re not married, what would happen to any property that you jointly own? And, as a successful director, what can you do to protect your financial contribution to it? More...


Would a pre-nuptial agreement protect you?

You’ve spent time and money building up a successful company. Now you’re thinking about getting married and know you will lose financially if things don’t work out. Is there any way to protect your assets should the worst happen? More...


You must have a HIP to sell


Upping the rent

Like many successful directors you own an investment property. The rental market is strong and you think it’s time to increase the rent. What does the law allow and how much extra should you ask for? More...


Buy-to-let opportunity?

With many quarters predicting doom and gloom for the residential property market and buy-to-let landlords having to sell their investments to service debts, could now be a good time to buy? More...


Protect your rent

Like many successful directors, you may have invested in the buy-to-let property market. Whilst you’re probably in it for the long-term, how can you protect your investment against tenants who can’t or won’t pay the rent? More...


Remortgaging investment properties

You need a sizeable wad of cash for your latest project and are looking at selling an investment property to raise it. However, is there a way to release your equity without selling it? More...


Buy a property with the Taxman’s help?

You’re thinking of investing in property. Buy-to-let seems the obvious choice but someone has suggested that a “furnished holiday let” offers better tax-saving opportunities. What’s the story here? More...


Buy a property for less

Like many directors, you’ve realised that there are healthy profits to be made from investing your surplus cash in the property market. But every purchase seems to result in higher fees. Is there a way to cap them? More...


All change for deposits

If, like many directors, you let out properties to tenants, new rules are about to change how you deal with their deposits. How can you protect yourself? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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