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Dodging the new pension limits

One of your fellow directors says that because of the new lower pension contribution limits he’s putting his money into Venture Capital Trusts (VCT), which have similar tax advantages but fewer restrictions. Is this something you should consider? More...


Are you covered if your pension fund crashes?

Probably the last thing on your mind when you put money into your pension is what would happen if the insurance company fails. But if it did, is there anything you can do to protect your investments? More...


Lending your pension fund

It’s been a rocky road for pension funds over the last couple of years, and to make matters worse the Taxman is slashing tax relief on premiums for high earners. But could using your pension fund as a money lender breathe some life back into it? More...


Getting your hands on your pension fund

The minimum age at which you can access your pension fund increased from 50 to 55 from April 6 2010, but there are some exceptions to this general rule. What are they? More...


Pensions for the younger generation

Thanks to Mr Darling’s complex scheme for partially scrapping tax relief on premiums, we’ve given pensions a bit of a hard time of late. But there’s one aspect we think is worth further consideration. What is it? More...


Budget 2009 - the important changes

The headlines talked about massive national debt and 50% income tax rates to pay for it. But as usual the small print contains much more that you ought to be aware of. So was it a good budget for you and your company? More...


Topping up your income with a USP

You could do with some cash as you’ve had to reduce your salary to ease your company’s cash flow. A co-director has told you that he’s topped up his income by drawing on his unsecured pension. Is this option open to you? More...


Pension deadline approaching


Check your pension fund

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