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Break clause


What are your business rates going to be?

On 1 April 2017 new rateable values - which are used to calculate business rates - take effect. How can you check what your business rates are likely to be from that date and are you able to challenge a rateable value? More...


The landlord wants to carry out works

Let’s suppose that the landlord of your premises wants to carry out some fairly major remedial works to the building. Must they have regard to the impact that these works will have on your business? More...


A permanent right to use your car park?

The customers of a neighbouring business sometimes park their vehicles in your private car park. If you don’t put a stop to this unauthorised use, could the other business gain a permanent right to use your car park? More...


Surveyors: what’s the scope of their valuation?

You’re applying for finance to develop land and commercial property. The bank now requires a valuation by a surveyor and is expecting you to pay for that report. Can you hold the surveyor liable if their valuation is wrong? More...


Buy to let and the new “right to rent” checks


Protect company-owned property from fraud

Property fraud - which is where someone steals ownership of a property - is on the rise. To combat it, the Land Registry has extended its free restriction registration service to company-owned properties. Why should you use it? More...


Dodge hefty commission fees from estate agents

You have a residential property to sell - perhaps it’s your own or a buy-to-let investment that you want to offload. However, the local estate agent wants a hefty commission. Is there a more cost-effective solution? More...


Can the landlord keep the fixtures?

Notice has been given on your commercial premises which the landlord has accepted. However, it’s also directed that no fixtures may be removed, even though the company paid for and installed them. Surely it can’t demand this? More...


More companies caught in property tax net

Last updated: 02.06.2020

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