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Terminating VAT on your property

You personally own your company’s business premises and have “opted to tax” it so you can reclaim VAT on the running costs. Your company is relocating and so you want to sell the property. Can you avoid charging VAT on the sale price? More...


Improving your premises - a hidden tax trap

Your business has spent thousands on improving its premises including new fixtures and fittings. Tricky tax rules mean that not all of these costs are tax deductible from your business profits. What can you do to maximise tax relief? More...


VAT - the hidden price of buying a commercial property

You’re relocating your business to a new premises. The purchase contract shows VAT added to the price which could land you with extra costs. Can you avoid paying this and what are the consequences if you can’t? More...


VAT savings for company owned buy-to-lets

If you personally own and let residential accommodation, you can’t usually reclaim VAT paid on related expenses. Transferring it to your company could allow it to do so. What steps are required to make it happen? More...


The “opt to tax” VAT trap

As a landlord opting to tax a commercial property allows you to reclaim VAT on running costs. But if your business occupies part of the same building the option can land you with a costly problem. What is it and how can you avoid it? More...


Support for landlords from HMRC


Moving premises - how to maximise the tax allowances

You’re moving your business to a new location and are at the stage of fine tuning the contract. This should include identifying all the equipment that’s being sold with the building as it can save tax. How should you approach this? More...


Helpful changes to inheritance tax

From 6 April 2017 you’ll have a higher inheritance tax (IHT) allowance if you own residential property which is left to a direct descendant. How much is this new allowance and who is considered to be a direct descendant? More...


Equipment in rented premises - who gets the tax relief?

You’re currently renting a property as a temporary office until a permanent one can be found. You’ve installed an expensive lighting system but your accountant says you can’t claim a tax deduction for it. What’s the problem? More...


A tax deduction for insulating your home office?

In the winter your home office gets a little chilly making it harder to work. If you upgrade your windows and doors or add some wall insulation, will HMRC chip in to the cost by allowing you a tax deduction? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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