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VAT savings for company owned buy-to-lets

If you personally own and let residential accommodation, you can’t usually reclaim VAT paid on related expenses. Transferring it to your company could allow it to do so. What steps are required to make it happen? More...


Rent out your property and rent another

You would like to live closer to your business but don’t want to sell your current property and buy another. Can you rent somewhere to live and then rent out your home without telling your mortgage lender? More...


Buy-to-let property: the new right to rent checks

From 1 February 2016 all private landlords in England will have to conduct right to rent checks on their prospective tenants. So if you’ve invested in the buy-to-let market this will affect you. But how are such checks carried out? More...


Buy-to-let property: some important changes

Many business owners are also landlords in the buy-to-let property market. If you’re one of them, there are some new rules you must comply with from 1 October 2015. What are they? More...


Buy to lets: don’t overlook the deposit

Many business owners invest their cash in the buy-to-let market. If you’re one of them you must do certain things correctly to prevent losing your rights of eviction. What must you do without fail? More...


Buy to let and the new “right to rent” checks

Last updated: 13.12.2019

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