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Director must give former spouse £300,000

In June 2016 the High Court ordered a director to pay his ex-wife £300,000 even though they split up 32 years ago. Does this ruling mean that a former spouse can come after a large chunk of your hard-earned money? More...


Divorce settlement - go back for more?

It’s been suggested that the Supreme Court has given former spouses who have previously received a divorce settlement the right to go after their ex for even more money. Is this true? More...


Making child maintenance payments

You believe your child maintenance payments may not be spent appropriately and would prefer to pay the money directly to your child. From a legal perspective why is this a bad idea and what can you do instead? More...


Child maintenance options

When a relationship breaks down child maintenance payments can come into play. However, the Child Support Agency - which was known to hound business owners - has been shut down. So what happens now? More...


What happens to the company if you die?

As we’ve previously advised, you should have a will that sets out what should happen to personal property and other assets on your death. But what about your company? More...


Would a pre-nuptial agreement protect you?

You’ve spent time and money building up a successful company. Now you’re thinking about getting married and know you will lose financially if things don’t work out. Is there any way to protect your assets should the worst happen? More...


The green light to pre-nups?


How to protect your money

Although the company’s doing rather well, things aren’t so clever on the home front. It’s not working out with your live-in partner and you’re worried you could lose everything if you go your separate ways. What’s the latest? More...


Marital breakdown - who gets what?

You’ve read about the recent high profile divorce cases in which it appeared that the wife cleaned up at the husband’s expense. Have things really changed for successful people like you, and if so, how can you protect your assets? More...


Childcare help for directors

Last updated: 05.08.2020

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