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Tricky rules on staff meals made clear

HMRC rules normally ensure that non-cash rewards (benefits in kind) which you provide to your employees are taxed. However, free or subsidised meals provided as a perk can be exempt from tax and NI. How and when can you take advantage? More...


Post-Christmas party tax planning

Your firm’s Christmas bash is a few days away. It’s cost you £125 per head so far, but you expect this figure to rise. You’re worried the per-head cost will exceed £150 and so the tax and NI exemption for such events will be lost. How can you prevent this? More...


Is a home gym a tax-free and tax-deductible perk?

Instead of paying out membership fees and having the hassle of travelling to a gym each time he feels like working out, our subscriber wants his company to cover the cost of a gym at his home. How tax efficient would this be? More...


Is a trip to the pub a tax-efficient perk?

You’ve heard that workers who socialise together may be more productive. You want to give the theory a try by putting some money behind the bar for an occasional social evening. Would this trigger a tax bill? More...


New salary sacrifice schemes - tax break or tax trap?

One of your employees has sent you links to websites offering tax efficient salary sacrifice schemes to consider. You thought HMRC had killed these off with tough anti-avoidance rules. Can these new schemes legitimately save tax? More...


Is a personal gift to an employee a taxable perk?

One of your longest serving employees is getting married and you intend to buy a gift. You’re keeping it simple with a voucher they can spend online. Is it more tax efficient for you to buy it personally or for your business to pay? More...


Benefits in kind - how to avoid losing the exemption

Directors and employees can receive low value perks tax and NI free. The trouble is if the cost of a benefit exceeds the exempt amount it’s fully taxable and liable to NI. How can you avoid this trap but maximise the exemption? More...


Is compensating an employee taxable?

A while ago one of your employees ripped her coat on a desk at work. You agreed to pay for a replacement. In a subsequent PAYE check an HMRC officer said the payment was taxable and you owe tax and NI. Can this be right? More...


Can you reduce the tax and NI on company loans?

Our subscriber’s company lent him a large sum shortly before the end of the last tax year. His bookkeeper says that the timing of the loan means he and the company face a large tax and NI bill. Why and is there a way to dodge it? More...


Company perks for your spouse - are they tax efficient?

A subscriber’s company provided perks to him and his spouse. The perks were declared on their respective tax returns, but HMRC argues that they are all taxable on him, which meant a bigger tax bill. Is HMRC right? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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