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Don’t miss the pension top-up deadline

April 2017 is the government’s deadline for those who need to top up their NI records to qualify for a full state pension. Is this something you should be considering? More...


Employment allowance made clear


The new employment allowance rules

From 6 April 2016 one-man companies will cease to qualify for the employment allowance (EA). Adding your spouse to the payroll has been suggested as a way around this. Is it that simple? More...


Employers’ NI allowance up by 50%

The Summer Budget included news for employers claiming the NI employment allowance (EA). Some will benefit from a 50% increase while others will lose the allowance entirely. Will your company be a winner or a loser? More...


Autumn Statement highlights

The Chancellor announced a few tax breaks for businesses in the 2014 Autumn Statement. Which of them can your company take advantage of? More...


Employment allowance - what’s the latest?

The new employment allowance is worth up to £2,000, but not every company is entitled to claim it. HMRC’s latest guidance aims to make clear who can and who can’t. What’s the full story? More...


A £2,000 NI gift for all employers

The government has unveiled the final details of its new business incentive - the employment allowance. What could this mean for your company? More...


NI troubles for new and departing directors

There are special rules for working out directors’ NI. This frequently results in too little being paid. Why is this more of a problem for directors and what can you do to fix it? More...


Tax holiday for some

In June Mr Osborne announced a National Insurance (NI) holiday worth up to £50,000 for new businesses. But will your newly formed company qualify? More...


Taxman loses NI argument on benefits

The tax tribunal recently considered the rules that apply for working out income tax and NI where a director has personal use of a company asset. The taxpayer won, but can you rely on this victory to save you NI? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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