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Tricky rules on staff meals made clear

HMRC rules normally ensure that non-cash rewards (benefits in kind) which you provide to your employees are taxed. However, free or subsidised meals provided as a perk can be exempt from tax and NI. How and when can you take advantage? More...


Post-Christmas party tax planning

Your firm’s Christmas bash is a few days away. It’s cost you £125 per head so far, but you expect this figure to rise. You’re worried the per-head cost will exceed £150 and so the tax and NI exemption for such events will be lost. How can you prevent this? More...


Is a trip to the pub a tax-efficient perk?

You’ve heard that workers who socialise together may be more productive. You want to give the theory a try by putting some money behind the bar for an occasional social evening. Would this trigger a tax bill? More...


Benefits in kind - how to avoid losing the exemption

Directors and employees can receive low value perks tax and NI free. The trouble is if the cost of a benefit exceeds the exempt amount it’s fully taxable and liable to NI. How can you avoid this trap but maximise the exemption? More...


New car and van fuel exemption - details revealed

A new tax break allows you to provide tax and NI-free charging for employees’ and directors’ hybrid or electric cars. HMRC has just published the terms and conditions of the exemption. What do you need to do to take advantage? More...


A potentially healthy perk that’s also tax and NI free

You’re looking for ideas to encourage interaction between your staff so they work better as a team. One of your colleagues says that HMRC allows employers to provide recreational activities as a tax-free perk. How does it work? More...


HMRC’s plan to end tax-free perks

HMRC’s latest consultation spells the end of some types of salary sacrifice scheme. If you use one or more, how will it affect you? More...


What are the new tax-free perks worth to you

A new tax exemption for perks took effect on 6 April 2016. It applies to all employees, but there are special rules for directors. What are they, and how can you work with them to take maximum advantage? More...


Are you entitled to a tax-exempt phablet?

For some years businesses have been allowed to provide directors and employees with a mobile phone as a tax free perk. However, the tax rules and technology have changed over the years so what’s now covered and what’s not? More...


HMRC’s new benefits in kind exemption

A new tax exemption has been drafted to replace the current concession for certain staff perks, but a late change to the proposed rules has thrown a spanner in the works. When will you be able to take advantage of the new tax break? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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