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How tax efficient are electric company cars?

Electrically powered cars are now not only environmentally friendly but practical too. Plus, there’s now a decent range to choose from with more on the way. But how do they stack up for tax purposes against their fossil fuel equivalents? More...


Time to get rid of the company car?

These days there’s a high tax and NI cost associated with a company car and it creeps up each year. If it’s more than a few years old it might be more tax efficient to transfer ownership to you. When is the right time to make the change? More...


Company cars - new tax rules

In February 2014 the Upper Tax Tribunal ruled that a scheme which involved leasing cars to employees to reduce the benefit in kind tax was valid. Can your company use a similar arrangement to lower the tax on your company car? More...


Time running out for a tax break on green cars

Lower CO2 emissions mean lower tax bills for company car drivers. Employers get a tax break too, but this is due to stop soon. If you want to take advantage of it when should you buy? More...


Turning back the clock on company car tax

The 2011/12 tax year has ended and the P11D forms must soon be submitted. But if in doing so you realise the company car that seemed like a good idea four years ago is now costing you a fortune in tax, what can you do about it? More...


Do you need to notify a change of car?


Will higher CT give you more relief?

A colleague says that because the company’s financial year ends on March 31 you should defer the purchase of the directors’ new cars until after the Corporation Tax rates change in April 2010. He reckons you’ll get more tax relief. Is he right? More...


Forms P46(Car) - new rules


Changing cars? Tell the Taxman


Tax-free company cars

As a director, you have to pay tax on your company car whilst your company has to pay National Insurance on this benefit. However, there is a way to avoid tax and NI on cars altogether. How is this possible? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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