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Basic criminal records checks - what’s changed?

You can ask any employee, except those who work in a “regulated activity” job role, to voluntarily obtain a basic criminal records check. However, the application process changed on 17 January 2018. What do you need to know? More...


Questioning CV claims during interviews

A candidate who looks great on paper has been invited for a job interview. How can you check whether the claims made on their CV stack up and why is it so important that you do this? More...


Potential director has no employment references

You’re looking to bring in another director and believe the right person has been identified. However, due to their background, they don’t have a recent employer you can approach for an employment reference. What’s the answer? More...


Personnel searches and the problem with Google

If you’re thinking of hiring a new director, or a key employee, chances are you’ll punch their name into a search engine to see what comes up. However, if you use, the results may be misleading. Why is this? More...


Facebook: is it the ideal way to recruit?

The directors are looking at ways to cut the company’s recruitment costs and it’s been suggested that advertising exclusively on Facebook could be the answer. Although this sounds like a good idea, could it present problems? More...


Conduct an interview and play back the result

In a recent survey, 41% of directors who deal with recruitment said that they now rely heavily on video-conferencing. Is it possible to record these interviews so that your fellow directors can assess the candidates at a later date? More...


The sneaky CV check

You’re looking to hire a new director and think you’ve found “the one”. But a CV and interview won’t always reveal what you need to know. So could some careful research on a social networking site help to highlight any problems? More...


Should you accept a volunteer?

As a busy company director, you’re constantly on the go. But a graduate who wants to boost their CV has just approached you asking for some “free work experience”. Is this a great way to liberate some spare time, or a risky move? More...


Why hire convicts?


Taking on temps

Practically all companies have to hire temps at one time or another. But what are the pitfalls to be wary of? Could the temp acquire legal protection (which could ultimately hit your own pocket)? And what about fees charged by the agency? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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