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H&S meetings really necessary?

Someone has told you that your business needs to have a formal committee to discuss health and safety issues on a regular basis. Is this true, and if not is it wise to have one anyway? More...


Health and safety duties owed to the self-employed

You might need to bring in self-employed specialists or contractors to undertake specific tasks. You know that you have some health and safety responsibilities towards them, but how far do they extend? More...


Health and safety fines doubled

Official figures show that health and safety fines have doubled in the last year, reaching £76 million. What’s behind this increase and how can you avoid trouble for your business? More...


How far must you go to prevent slips and trips?

According to the HSE, slips and trips cost UK businesses over £500 million each year, so it’s in your interest to prevent these accidents wherever possible. But just how far does the law expect you to go? More...


First aid kits: the essentials

A company has contacted you saying that you must review the contents of your first aid kit and include certain items by law. What’s the actual legal position and how often should the contents be checked and/or replaced? More...


Late nights and lone workers

A member of your team has started to work late in the office and is often the only person on the premises after dark. It’s been suggested that this could put the company in breach of health and safety legislation. Is this true? More...


Pregnancy: what’s the risk of that happening?

A fellow director has told you that the company only needs to undertake a risk assessment when a female member of staff becomes pregnant. Is this true or is the legal requirement much stricter than that? More...


Who does the (health and safety) buck stop with?

When it comes to matters of health and safety, employees often assume that the buck stops firmly with the directors. But, as a recent case demonstrates, this couldn’t be further from the truth. So what should you tell them? More...


The trouble with unpaid workers

A fellow director has suggested that his student son comes into work with him during the Easter Holidays to lend a helping hand, but to avoid problems with the authorities it’s on a strictly unpaid basis. Is this OK? More...


Director gets five-year ban for carrying on

Last updated: 25.02.2020

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